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Hoping someone has answers
gringa1 posted:
I am a dental assistant and 4 yrs. ago I was dx with lupus and I've been feeling ill at work. I've been trying to find info on the light from the dental chair, after I'm done with surgery my face is so hot and red, it's so bad like a really bad wind burn. Any information would be appreciated )
dozzi responded:
flouressent lights can bother people with lupus
lupylisa44 responded:
Hey Gringa!

Many people with lupus do have sensitivity to indoor fluorescneet lighting. Do you wear sunscreen every day? That may help block the UV rays emitted from those intense dental lights. I hope you start feeling better soon!

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
SafariMom responded:
Yes those can make you Very sick. I am VERY light sensitive. The lights a Walmart, hospital type lights, long tube florescent lights, and even the florescent "energy saving" light bulbs are all tough on me. I have read that the computer screen/lighting, shouldn't effect you, but it does me. I also get a red, hot face with a burn feeling. It even sometimes burns and tingles like I put bengay muscle cream on it or something. The lights also make me "wiped out" with fatigue, nausea, and feeling flu-like.

I now wear sunscreen everyday. I have tried Many different brands, but have found that the best one is:

Neutrogena, Ultra Sheer, Dry Touch, spf 100 (or above 50)

I think you can get it at walmart, but I have ordered it online, at drugstore. com, just to be lazy and have it delivered.

Side note: I let it sink in and dry a little bit before I put on my makeup. If I try to put on my foundation I sometimes get the sunscreen to close to my eyes and it burns my eyes. (But I have found this true with all sunscreen and not just this one. )

Hope this helps !
nanjm responded:
I was recently diagnosed with lupus and florescent and any kind of light drives me crazy. Sunblock has been helpful, but I found a brand of clothing that helps block UV rays. Here is the website:

They have gloves that may help you with the dental chair. I have bought shirts, scarfs, hats, and nothing has helped more than this clothing. They also have really good sunburn cream and sunblock that have helped with the red flakes around my eyes. I hope this helps!
gringa1 replied to nanjm's response:
Thank you so much, I will look into to this.

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