Monday Check in 11/12/12 Everyone please participate!!!
lupylisa44 posted:
Hey everyone

Just thought I'd try to start monday check in again. Monday Check in is just to catch up with what you;ve been up to, how you are feeling and anything else you might want to share.

As for me, I have been feeling sore all over the past few days. Here in CO we had a BIG weather change over the weekend. The temperature dropped a whopping 50 degrees in one day!!! So I decided to make like a bear, and hibernate for the whole weekend. I bought a pair of those all-in-one pajamas with the feet built ind and stayed in them all weekend! I only wish they had a trap door built in!

This is the first week in a really long time that I have absolutely no doctor appointments which is nice for a change. I think I am going to try making some old fashioned candy this week. Molasses taffy kisses and english toffee. Does anyone have any good recipes for candy? Please share if you do!

I hope you all have a pain free and good week!

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
lisatru62 responded:
I am forseeing a hectic week ahead. Have a job interview this morning. Hoping that it actually turns into a job since I've been interviewed to death for the past two years and no job offers.

My Thanksgiving guest list keeps growing as my kids invite more friends. I can't understand why parents leave their kids behind on Thanksgiving day. I would never leave my kids on a holiday no matter what.

I'm going to keep hopeful that I can handle all the work. The kids have volunteered to help move furniture and set up, always a plus. They are also in charge of the appetizers.