dlrobards posted:
I have alopecia on the top of my scalp in multiple areas. My dermo has been giving me shots of cotisone to promote hair growth. At my last visit he told me he wanted me to start back on plaquenil because the shots are not effective. I have been off plaquenil for 2 years now and the alopecia started 2 years before I stopped taking plaquenil. I also have reached the "toxicity" level of plaquenil so I am extremly skeptical about starting a drug when I'm not sure it's the problem solver especially since I would put myself at risk for killing my retina cells. Does anyone have any reccomendations for alopecia? Has anyone tried acupunture or any other types of holistic alternatives?
Thx and hugs to all~
lupylisa44 responded:
Have you tried Rogaine for women or Nioxin shampoo?

When I lost my hair from lupus, I also got the kenalog injections which did seem to help. I also used the rogain and nioxin

Here is a link that may help you:

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