Anybody old enough to have vertebral fractures as a result of steroid use?
nancyj95 posted:
I was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago with a compression fracture at T-12 as a result of just sitting up too quickly. Had kyphoplasty on it last week and still in much pain. The doc says the pain is normal and I start PT on Friday. He also says there is a very good chance I will continue to experience these fractures. I have to wait to see an osteoporosis specialist in 10 days.My bone density was OK less than a year ago. Mom had these in her mid to late 80's and I'm only 70 so this scares me to death! Anybody else have any experience with this? I have SLE, autoimmune hepatitis, Raynaud's, osteoarthritis, gastroparesis, high cholesterol and who knows what else.
Any ideas for me? I do take lots of calcium, 50,000 mg of vitamin D, magnesium and other vitamins. Can't get off the Medrol because I can't take the new meds with the hepatitis.