LUPUS DX 24 years ago - Is it correct?
Viewfinder61 posted:
I was told by an Internal Medicine Doctor after five (5) days of testing in the hospital approximately 24 years ago that I "More than likely have Lupus but just to confirm all the testing results I would be referred to a Rheumatologist." However, as the mother of Five young children and without insurance for myself, I could not afford to keep the appointment the IM Doctor had made for me.

Now at the age of 51 I am suffering from pain and swelling in most joints, cannot even force myself to get up and leave the room some days. My hands will often "lock up" on me, I go through "Brain Fog" so badly that my girls want to put me away. There are many other things like severe back and hip pain along with some unreal fatigue at times. The only way to describe the pain is that it feels like my bones hurt not just muscles and often the only thing that makes it better is the hottest water I can find. I am now on disability having heart disease, kidney disease and severe chronic anxiety and bouts of depression, sometimes insomnia and others hypersomnia and hair loss.
My question is this: Does it sound as though the doctor who performed all the tests and made the preliminary diagnosis was correct? I cannot seem to find enough materials in researching to answer all my questions.
1stLadyDi responded:
It sounds to me as though your doctor's preliminary diagnosis was correct. I really hope that you're able to find a way to see a Rheumatologist soon so that you may get confirmation and get some help.