Is anyone on Savella ?
mommawithlupus87 posted:
hello everyone ... (heres a little story of what im going threw )
I have been in a flair for almost a year well i went in the hospital last Feb 14, 2012 for a bad headeach turns out my blood cells were falling apart . so I was givin 80Mg of prednisone and 4 blood transfusions finally got off prednisone in i think May then started having other problems they put me back on prednisone ... now they have me on Imuran and just took me off of Lyrica because i found it was not helping my pain ( I have joint pain very bad ) and now that i went back to the dr he puts me on another fybromialgia med Savella do you think its worth taking another pill ? .... oh yea I also have Stevens Johnsons Syndrome so most of the pills that they give to people with RA I cannot take any thoughts and has anyone had and side effects to this the Lyrica was giving me wavy vision ( like desert heat vision )
lupylisa44 responded:
I was given an rx for savella, but after reading about it, I decided not to take it. I know that everyone is different, but it seemed like way too many people had problems with it. I, too,have had stevens johnsons and am very leary of trying new meds.

Try to look at research and review of this med before making your decision

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
mommawithlupus87 replied to lupylisa44's response:
Thanks Lisa I dont want to take another med but I have to do somthing about all the pain lack of energy and headeachs/ migranes Im getting I have 3 children (a stepdaughter thats 15, a 5y/o son and a 3y/o daughter) Im extreamly frustrated because it always seems the day I go to the Dr is a good day . so Im taking pictures of joints that get swollen because I swear this Dr thinks Im just tryng to get meds. the Lyrica did nothing for me as I think this drug will be the same because the pain I have is mostly joint and from my understanding the drugs he is prescribing for me are ment more for muscle pain. ( I have medicaid and the doctor I see is 2 hours away from my house ) I am searching for someone closer to me than him but so far no luck . Maybe some of you who have had lupus longer then I know some tricks to dealing with all the Issues . ( I dont have anyone around me who has been threw all this as Im the gem of the family and got all the health problems )