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Daughter just tested positive for ANA and ds-DNA. Now what?
oceanwaves posted:
Hi everyone: Thank you so much for putting yourselves out there (here), sharing your experiences and advice. I am going to pass this site on to my daughter. This week we were told by her hematologist that my 19 year old daughter tested POS for both the ANA and ds-DNA. She had abnormal levels all over the place in her blood work as well. She has had enlarged lymph nodes for over 2 years now, extreme fatigue, aches, headaches and is chronically sick with every bug around. I am worried and wondering if there is any chance that this isn't lupus? Does the ds-DNA basically confirm this? As well, does it put her kidneys more at risk? Her file was sent immediately over to a rheumy so I feel like we are sitting in limbo land while we wait for her appointment. Any advice on these questions but most importantly, how I can support her best right now from someone who's been where she is, would be appreciated.
mommawithlupus87 responded:

Hello My Name is Carla I am 25. They told me I had Lupus in I want to say mid to late 04.I was still in High school. Lupus is a strange thing and I'm sure not everyone goes through this but I had a long period of denial. The fact that one day you can feel great and the next you feel like poo is hard. My parents have always been there for me because Lupus is not my only health problem. Having them there has helped, but not having anyone with the same feelings that can relate to me really sucked. That's where this group has helped me. Granted I have never really met anyone from here I can read that I'm not the only person having problems and everyone here knows how tired you can be or forgetful or the wide spread pain.

Feb.14, 2012 I was admitted into the hospital because I was having horrible headaches the cause was my red blood cells we swelling up and breaking I was losing blood and my liver could not filter it all I had 4 blood transfusions within 3 days (I have 3 kids 1 stepdaughter that's 15 a 5yo boy and a 3yo girl) This is the first real flair I have had with my husband and children I was in remission for 6 years. Even knowing there was nothing i could do about this but I felt horrible feeling like all the pain my entire family was going threw was my fault. this is an issue I have felt for a while but being on here I see I'm not alone I see other lupies that are living their lives not letting this problem over take them and it helps me push up and keep going . I would recommend giving your daughter this site it may help her a lot (just try not to force her she may not be ready to face the beast of lupus yet. still at 25 my mother encourages me a little too much to do things and even being a mother myself sometimes I just want to tell her to shut up I know she's coming from a good place) Best of luck Carla

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