need help with diagnosis
DMAnderson posted:
I was diagnosed with lupus 7 years ago after bouncing from one Reumy to another. Started a conservitive treatment plan and proceded to learn to live the new normal. THis Doctor left the practice and I have since started with a new Reumy. She says I do not have Lupus. My blood work comes back marginal and some times normal but she has no interest in addressing my symptoms? I am so confused. No one want Lupus. I am glad she said I don't have it, however I have something? Some one is wrong either the old Dr. or the new one. Or I am crazy. Is there any direction out there that you can give? I am listening. I just went through a long period of what I call remission. An amazing time of feeling well and strong. No I am going down again with pain fatigue, nausea, sore tongue, sleepless, deppression. I am reluctant to go back to the Dr. So please discuss this I will be greatful for your input .
mommawithlupus87 responded:
do you have your records ? if not i would look into getting them so you can show your "evidence" or "proof" you have lupus but most of all if your not confortable with this dr try and find a new one . Im having this problem now (not liking my reumy )