Stomach Virus - Who would've thought...
1stLadyDi posted:
I just got out of the hospital after a 6 day stay. Unbelieveable! Who would've thought that contracting a stomach virus would not only send me on a trip to the ER, but cause me to be admitted in the hospital and stay for 6 days. It was the most horrible thing and it was certainly my first time that I had been hospitalized since being diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disease (1 1/2 yrs). The IV was my constant companion for most of my stay there & my white blood cell count shot up (I guess to combat the virus), so you can imagine what happened next.... inflammation of tissues, muscles, & joints = pain, pain, + more pain. Well, I'm home recovering now, feeling tired & weak. Unfortunately, I have to attempt to go to work as I am short on vacation time & sick leave & thanks to severe arthritis in both knees, I have to have arthoscopic surgery on both real soon. I'd love to put it off, but sometimes I can barely move to go to work due to extreme pain.