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Worn to a Nub
lisatru62 posted:
As many of my fellow Lupus sufferers know, we just get worn to a nub. I've been battling bad news, financial troubles and pain for months. I've found that life has few pleasures, particularly when you can't eat. If I eat anything I usually pay for it later. As my weight continues to drop I get depressed and of course weak.

My mental Lupus fog has made things frustrating as of late and only those who have experience it can even relate. I'm tired of all the letdowns in my life and feel particularly bad this week.

Does anyone else get sick of all those phony inspirational phrases? "Turn that frown upside down," "Your happiness is dependent on you not what's happening outside." It gets a little old sometimes, especially when it takes everything just to drag our sore butts out of bed.

If I could give this illness to someone with one of those canned answers when I'm feeling down I would. Then they can experience what we go through everyday. Just saying..

lupycakes responded:
Hey Lisa (so many Lisa's with lupus)

So sorry that you're going through a crappy period right now - unfortunately, we lupies all go through them from time to time. This disease sucks - plain and simple.

Reading over your post it sounds like you might be experiencing a bit of depression ( I know - Duh!) and might benefit from some meds. It's extremely common for people with chronic illness to go through phases of depression - especially when the wolf kicks our a**.

If the thought of taking another pill makes you want to scream, you might try a bit of exercise - and I'm just talking about going for a walk - even if its just for 20 minutes can help your mood and your pain level.

If you mean you "pay for it later" when you eat that your intestines hurt, you should try going gluten free for a few days to see if it makes a difference. It really helped me in that regard.

And as always - whine, vent and grumble here - sometimes that's all we really need to start to feel better - just having people who understand and listen can be the best medicine of all.


lisatru62 replied to lupycakes's response:
I wish it was just gluten, that I could handle. Unfortunately it all started with some internal bleeding a year ago when I had a kidney biopsy and discovered the lupus nephritis.

Yup, I'm depressed, life is no fun when eating becomes a painful experience. You're so right that taking another pill just makes me want to scream. I've tried exercise but it really aggrevates my joint pain and fatigue. When I was first diagnosed I went for walks every other day and just found that after a week I was wiped for the next week.

It just gets old having to deal with all the limitations. Only people such as yourself know what it's like to have lupus. Hard to explain to others.

mommawithlupus87 replied to lisatru62's response:
I know how you feel having lupus SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .... I am the only person in my family and friends who has any health problems I know they mean well but i have told them all to shut up . because they just dont understand I have 3 kids that never clean ANYTHING Mom will do it is their attitude and living in filth seems to be ok with them as their are just days that I do nothing because I hurt and dont have the energy . and i know the amount of stress of having 3 kids isnt helping (i have a stepdaughter thats 15 ... 10 years younger than i am a son who is 5 and a daughter thats 3 ... Im 25) some days I want to beat my head on the wall I love all of them but beating my head against the wall may feel better ... but the feeling of no one understanding i 100% feel you ! I dont think my Lupus is as bad as yours (but i have been in a flair for a year ) I have forgoten what its like not to hurt all over . I hope you hadies get some relife soon I will say it makes you appericate the days you dont feel like complete poo !
Good luck
<3 Carla
Crys82 replied to mommawithlupus87's response:
I too am the only one amongst my friends and family who suffers from Lupus. My family thinks its a joke and makes fun of me any chance they get. They laugh when I fall, the mock the way I walk, the call me slow when I can't remember what I just said or did. My mom passed when I was in the hospital so I was left at mercy of my relatives to take care of me. Which only did for a piece of the insurance money. Thankfully I have an awesome team of doctors;especially the best damn primary ever (15 years) and a best friend who loves me unconditionally. I wish people could more considerate but that's life. Thank God you're blessed with children despite your sickness. Just pray for strength and patience. I wish you well

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