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Going to another Doctor
Blakelyjoe posted:
I have been in and out of Doctors offices' for way to long , keep getting passed around to new Doctors , I went to a dermatologist had a biopsy all they say is its auto immune , My Doctor says he feels I have lupus all the symptoms I have piont to lupus . but ana was neg. now I am off to a new Doctor . I feel no one wants to say the lupus word to me . I was treated with prednisone ,tappered off, what a nightmare that was . I feel terrable still and I have had so much pain in my right upper torso .like an alien is trying to get out , lots of swelling in my hands and feet and still having swallowing issues , brain fog is so bad lately I m barley making it through a work day and I am so tired . I feel My job is at risk . I need this job I need my insurance . I am on anti inflammation meds
and a thyroid med . I also have 10 other meds that I quit taking for a multitude of different issues . fybromyalgia , Ib, acid reflux, arthitis Antihistamine , muscle relaxers ect. ect. I am hoping for a staight forward answer and hope this Doctor is able to help me . Is this typical to have to go to so many Docs and specialist ? I feel i f I took all the meds perscribed to be I would have liver failure
lupycakes responded:

Unfortunately it takes a village of doctors to treat lupus. Going to lots of doctors, having lots of tests, doctors not wanting to commit to a dx seems to be pretty standard for autoimmune diseases like lupus. Are you under a rheumatologist's care? They are the ones who treat autoimmune and help co-ordinate your care with the other physicians.

Hope you get some answers and relief soon,

Blakelyjoe replied to lupycakes's response:
Thanks , I just got back from the new Doc. he seemed very thorough . He did find a lump on my thyroid and so i am going in for an ultrasound on that and my liverhe also took lots of blood . I just got off prednisone a week ago and the skinleasions or rash is already coming back I cant beleave this . I am a bit freaked out ! I am also going back to the dermatologist the 15th I am thinking they will put me back on pred. the new Doc . wants to get these test done and then go from there . he did mention sending me to a Rheumatologist . I guess its a day at a time

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