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ssh49tn posted:
I have had 2 pretty bad falls recently, & have no idea of what is causing them. I had gone to the ER about 3 weeks ago, because I had a bad dose of the flu, & when they left the room for me to put on the gown, I ended up falling in the floor, & couldn't get up. Had to wait for them to come in, & help me up. Then on Thursday of this week, I was taking a shower, reached for the conditioner, & next thing I know, I'm laying on my right side, in the bottom of the tub. I had a real hard time getting out, but finally made it out. Only thing I have are some really bad bruises. But, I'm beginning to get worried. I didn't know if this is something caused by the lupus, or something else. I wasn't dizzy either time either. Also, sometimes when I eat, my food will get hung up in the lower part of my throat, & sometimes I will end up throwing up, & then I'm ok. I have a friend with fibro, & she says she does that, & even gags. I'm starting to really have some problems, & not sure if they're from the lupus or something else. Anybody else have these problems?
lisatru62 responded:
The falling things is scary and you should talk to someone about it before you get hurt really bad. You could be dehydrated due to the recent bout with the flu. Try drinking some gatorade or other electrolyte solutions to rehydrate and see if that doesn't help.

The food thing is something I go through frequently. I have severe stomach pain and gag very easily. While I've gotten to the point where I can keep it down, ususally, it is still very unpleasant. Try keeping some water handy when you eat so if it gets hung up you can take a sip. It helps me. Just be careful you don't drink too much or it can cause stomach pain or make you gag worse. I've been told there is nothing wrong with me and it isn't suppose to be related to my lupus. Some how I don't believe them...

I hope things get better.

1stLadyDi responded:
I've had problems with swallowing/choking quite often. I believe the term I was dx'd with is dysphagia (difficulty swallowing). I was told that it's likely that it is the result of polymyositis (muscle weakness) as I have MCTD (Mixed Connective Tissue Disease). I ended up seeing a Speech Therapist and she took me through a series of exercises that I could do to strengthen muscles used to swallow as well as pointers to help when swallowing such as drinking a little in between eating & eating different foods (textures) through out the meal instead of, say, eating all of your meat, then veggies, etc...

Please get checked out with regards to your falling issues. Take care of yourself.

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