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Feavers ?
mommawithlupus87 posted:
now I know feavers come along with flairs but recently i cant seem to get rid of it (this is my 2nd and longest flair yesterday v-day marks one year ) i have been in this flair the first flair i had i ran feaver but this one not so much but for the last i want to say week its 100.3 or higher (when not having feaver my temp is 96 if that most of the time im way below the normal ) do flairs change alot or have you noticed the effect the same things or differnt each time I know the first flair i had gave me kidney damage (and should i be concerned that no one has made me do a 24hr urinanalisis ? ) Ive bounced around with rehmy because 1 im on medicaid and their drs SUCK and 2 because i live in an area that is Seasonal (Naples Fl) and has lots of $ the dr I do like only takes medicaid out of season . I would go to my primary but he wants nothing to do with my Lupus . I am on Imuran ,hopefully this gets better soon maybe its a little cold i havent really noticed yet but because im on imuran im getting stronger effects I dont know sorry Im rambeling now Thanks for any replys ! Carla

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