HELP! Not sure if I am over reacting
An_250540 posted:
Hello- So my doc is sending me to a specialist for lupus. I dont know much about it but the more I read on it I feel I do have it. I would like to hear back from others that have lupus or if anyone is going thru something similiar as me. Any feedback would be great. First let me say that last year i got really dizzy, and would get really bad stomach pains after eating. nothing in particiular - it would be random. My doc told me I should try a gluten free diet. It seemed to help. Every now and then I would still feel the same but I just assumed i ate something with gluten. back to the present it started on 1/20/2013- I woke to a itchy feeling on my back and chest. I had a rash on my front and back. then the next day it went to my legs and arms and days passed then was on my face. I went to my doc several times and they thought I had scabies or fleas. did the whole treatment and no change. i was the only one in a household of 5 that had this. so finally went to see a dermo doctor on 1/31, and she confirmed it was no bug bite. she said she wasnt sure but gave me steroids and said maybe it was a virus going around. after a few days the itching stopped. So then on 2/10 I was cleaning the house and all of a sudden got a not so good feeling. I felt like I had to throw up. I layed down for a hour and when I tried to get up I had a horrible pain in my lower back. a few hours passed and I litterally could not move. This happened 3 times that day. I was rushed to the ER they thought I had stones and a kidney infection. I was treated with Macrobid for 10days. Took all of my meds and still feel my kidneys achy. I have this achy feeling all over my body. it started with my back, then my legs and arms. And now my feet and fingers. I get these headaches out of no where. I am just so tired of all of this. what do you all think?? Could I really have lupus. sorry for the long history- thank you