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GreyEyedMuse posted:
Hello. I'm new here and not quite sure how this group works; do we just jump in and respond to posts? Or, are medical professionals responsible for response/advice?

I was diagnosed with sle in 1978; kideney damage in1991; had cytoxan treatments; been on prednisone since 1991 (small dose, 2 1/2 mg./day); and had cancer, successfully treated, last summer. My sle finally went into remission after my disease stayed active for 19 years and 10 months. (November 2010). I was 52 and had been retired for 2 years. I don't have all the answers by any stretch of imagination and I'm always open to listening and learning from other people. We never stop learning, ever.

But I'm someone who was diagnosed back when the survival rate wasn't what it is now, which is real good; I continued to work and was offered early retirement after 32 years of employment. I had some rough days, but I'm here. Luckily I worked for the govt. and was not discriminated against.

I'm here if anyone wants to talk - or teach me something new. I haven't kept up on things since remission.
lupycakes responded:
Welcome greyeyedmuse!

Glad you found us! Feel free to jump in and post or respond to any post you wish. The more the merrier I say!