Stenosis & Lupus....
DennisandJessica posted:
I need this question answered asap if able please! If a dr knows a person has Stenosis does that mean they should have checked for Lupus too? do they both run together? Example: like say if i have stenosis does that mean I would have Lupus then w/ it? or would Lupus be around the corner?
lupylisa44 responded:
Stenosis is a general term...What type of stenosis are you talking about?

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queenoflupus responded:
When I was diagnosed with Lupus, I was also diagnosed with Severe Lower Lumbar Stenosis. The reason I went into the hospital was my inability to walk, doc thought I had fluid on the hip. Surgery proved to be a dry tap, brought in an internal medicine doc who diagnosed the Lupus. Since I was in there and having issues the Ortho doc did an MRI and found the stenosis. Did one cause the other, I don't think so, but the lupus had gotten so out of control that my body was weakend. The reason from the IM to come in was because my fever had shot to 104 and he knew my problem was not from my back. I hope this helps, and didn't confuse.