Lower Body Temperature?
queenoflupus posted:
I have had Lupus now for 10 years, but something I have begun to notice has raised some questions.

I have for several years now experienced chills like I was running a temp. When I check it, I am usually around 96.4-8, somewhere in that gereal area. I have always been one whose temp is 98.4 to 98.6.

My questions is has anyone else found this to have happened to them in the course of having Lupus. Is it from the Lupus or could it be from a combination of the meds we have to take and it has messed up our body temp.

I am not overly concerned, but wonder if anyone else experiences this.
lisatru62 responded:
Yes I experience the same thing. Usually when I'm resting I will get very chilled, shivering and then go take my temp, it will be raised. It kind of feels like you have the flu. It happens most often right after I've been active.

That's Lupus for you...the weirdest of symptoms.

leecat41 responded:
I have the same thing. I will have rigors because I'm so cold. But when I go to sleep, my body temp seems to rise. It's the exact opposite of normal people. lol
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