Reacurring UTI's!
therese0723 posted:
Anyone else having this problem? It has been since the Beginning of November when we came back from Fl. I have been on everything under the sun and after taking it and being off these antibiotic for about 3 days its back!. Lord I am so tired, and so worn out its not even funny. That Im seeing a urologist and that's not helping.
Anything at this point would be helpful.
lupylisa44 responded:
Hi Therese

I had the same problem! For me they started when I started taking immunosuppresant meds (Cellcept) They seem to occur a day or two after having intercourse. And these infections came on and off for several years! I tried everything my urologist suggested taking an antibiotic (250 mg cipro) every time I had sex which didn't seem like a good solution. So I went looking for one on my own and found it!!!

I started taking D-Mannose with Cran-Actin made by Solaray and have not had a UTI since!!!. It's available at the health food store. I take two capsules before intercourse and two caps the next day since that is when I tend to get the infections. If that is not your issue, I would suggest taking two every day for a couple of months to see if you get results from it. It works to prevent bacteria from latching on to the walls of your bladder.

I swear by it! It has changed my life!

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
therese0723 responded:
Thank You. I am going to try this for sure. Are you having a hard time holding your it also?