Hilltwins posted:
Does lupus have to be "active" in order to be detected in blood tests?

I have been bouting with the same characteristics/symptoms for a year straight now. My history with photosensitivity started at the age of 13, but here recently I notice something that mimics lupus so much that its scary. The labs last year were negative..but at the time they were done, things had improved. Here is what I experience every 4 to five months or so:

Clustered rashes, normally on my hands, chest, or face (if exposed to sun, then blisters form, scab, and peel over time leaving renewed skin)

Hair loss-way too much to be stress. Throughout entire head, but fall out faster in temple area and edges of head. Over the course of 4 weeks, I am almost bald on the sides. This hair grows back slowly like baby hair, but after a few months it falls back out.

Aching like Arthritis

Fatigue-falling asleep at work during the day, everyday


Pain in chest and back when I breath too deep (like someone stabbed me)

Weight Loss- Scary...ten to fifteen pounds in 3 months. Not trying at all

Severe Nightsweats-drenching sheets

Dry eyes-especially at night. Can't see without eyedrops

Always cold hands and feet!

Why??? The symptoms start the same every time and I know the pattern of how it goes. I hope someone can figure this out soon. I went to rheumy last week so I have 4 weeks to wait. I am currently having all the above symptoms, so I hope this time I get answers. I just hope its nothing I can't handle. Prayers Please
Hilltwins responded:
Also, My thyroid is fine, and my thyroid function and producing hormone are working fine. I thought it was hormonal but that was negative...So I am bummed...