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Thank goodness I found webmd lupus community!
womanwonder123 posted:
I dont know where to start or what to say, except, im in the process of getting my lupus comfermed.Im looking forward to being able to enteract with other people who can understand that just because you make look like there is nothing wrong with you doesnt mean, that you can be very ill and to tired to function.Im going through alot of personal problems right now that are related to my job. I was assulted last september 2012 on the job, it has lead to many other problems at this point in my life.Ive dealt with depression for many years now and always thought it was due to dealing with my mothers alzhiermers before her death serveral years ago. I now realize, that I have more then likely had lupus for a long time.Im looking forward to learning more about my lupus, so that I can be happy again in living!
lupylisa44 responded:
Hi and Welcome!!!

There is a ton of great information on this board. Check out the Tips and Resources sections. Many of your question may be answered there. But don't hesitate to ask quetions! Ifthere is anything you need to know, just ask. one of us is bound to know the answer or be able to send you in the right direction!

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
1stLadyDi responded:
Hello. I know how you feel and was very grateful when I found this community as well. I found it to be very helpful and supportive, especially when it seemed like those closest to me, except my daughter, wouldn't accept the fact that I was sick because I looked absolutely fine.
womanwonder123 replied to lupylisa44's response:
Well I had my bloodwork done a second time and now im being told I have fibromyaligia, I cant wait to see my family doctor and see what he has to say. I am also looking forward to seeing a rumatoligist to get diagnosed properly
womanwonder123 replied to 1stLadyDi's response:
how long have you been a member here at web MD? And how long have you had lupus
1stLadyDi replied to womanwonder123's response:
Well, that's a good question - One that I might've handled better earlier in the day as I don't think I really recall when I became a member at webmd. I think at least a year, definitely not as long as some others. I have been diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MCTD). I once asked my rheumatologist what was the difference between mctd & lupus since they seem to have a lot of the same symptoms and other auto-immune diseases that accompany plus they're treated relatively the same. His response was: symantics (tomato - "tomoto"). Really? However, it seems that more people appear to know more about lupus than mctd, so when they ask, "What?" I just tell them to think more along the lines of lupus, hoping that they have some kind of clue and of course, many still don't. :0)

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