Anyone take Humira??? I have been on it for @3 wks but no improvement yet!
Angelina7 posted:
I am new here! I have Lupus, RA, FIBRO and Raynaud's, 42 yo, 2 kids 9 & 11 (my angels!) and diagnosed x 7 yrs. Ive tried nearly every med out there - still severe pain, fatigue x3, fog, joint & muscle pain/damage, reflux fro MEDS -had GI bleed almost killed me from ulcers that broke open! So many other things - too many to name! I am just very curious about any success w biologicals like Humira??? Thx!!
1stLadyDi responded:
Wow, Angelina7; you have a lot going on there. Sorry, I can't help you with your inquiry about Humira. I take plaquenil & methotrexate. They are among my many, many medications, but are the main ones that keep my immune system "in check." I hope you get some answers soon.
Angelina7 replied to 1stLadyDi's response:
Thank you for replying. As you can see by the timing of my response, I certainly DO have a lot going on and I am not managing it very well! -83D-E14 Right now I have stomach flu so my Humira is on hold! Thx again! Angelina