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An_251467 posted:
I've been having this recurring rash for almost 4 weeks now. It flares mostly at night while I am sleeping. Of course, it wakes me. It's a burning itch to which oatmeal baths, benadryl, prednisone, hydroxizine, cortaid cream can extinguish it. I also feel swollen around my middle section, extremely fatigued, tired, joints hurt at times and unable to rest. I have been to 4 different doctors, ran blood tests, only to be told "everything is normal". Of course I'm not normal! I don't know what my next step should be? Has anyone had a similar experience? Any suggestions for the next step?
gringa1 responded:
Hi, I can truly understand what you're going through. I demanded from my primary doctor to be seen a rheumatologist for arthritis, cause that's what I thought I had. And that's when specific blood test were done and lupus showed positive. And Epstein Bar virus!!! I hope this will help, I also have fibromyalgia and when it's active, which it is now, your body (my body), itches and rash occurs, every inch oh your body hurts. The flaring at comes when the body is at relax mode, and that's when hits, not everyone is the same. I hope you find what works for you

God bless
lisatru62 responded:
It is funny that you said you feel swollen around your middle section. I had this feeling before my diagnosis and beginning meds. It is gone now after a year and a half of medication. I never related the two.

For your symptoms to be controlled you might need something stronger or different than prednisone. My rashes did not respond, I only felt anxiety, sleeplessness and bloating with prednisone. There wasn't a cream on the market that made the rashes go away. I tried plaquanil for the skin condition, still do and it works great. It is affordable and has fewer side effects than some of the other meds for lupus. Talk to your doctor, they might go for it.

Good Luck.


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