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Any tips for teens with lupus?
LindseyJ posted:
Hi, I'm new to this site, but not lupus. I'm 17, and have had lupus for 5 years. My symptoms had been better for the past couple years, but have recently become the worst I've ever experienced. It's really tough to fight through school and everyday with the pain and worry of how I'll feel, as it seems to constantly be changing. I was told when first diagnosed that I'd be on medication for probably no more than 3-4 years. I dont remember what it feels like to be pain free, and its just hard. I've been suffering from depression along with this, and just could use some words of encouragement I guess. I just don't know how I can deal with this for the rest of my life. Its been hard to have to grow up faster than the other kids my age. Anyway, I'm aware we all have it hard, I'm not asking for any pity, just your tips. Also, if you had any suggestions about trying to explain lupus to friends that would be amazing! Thanks for taking the time to read this, and responding. Stay strong, Lindsey
MonicaLynn49 responded:
I was diagnosed after having my first child (25 years old) but I am certain I had Lupus symptoms in college. I can imagine it is hard to deal with Lupus as a teenager.

These are some things that I do, that I feel have helped me a lot.
1. Get good sleep - enough of it, and quality deep-sleep.
2. Exercise and healthy weight - even though it is hard on the days you are tired or in pain, even going for an easy walk can be helpful. Exercise is good for the immune system and will provide you with more energy, the more you do it.
3. I eat a mostly vegan diet - dairy causes me to experience more joint pain. Experiment with your diet by removing foods that could trigger inflammation. Also, try avoiding all processed foods. This alone made a huge difference for me, after 3 weeks of being completely vegan almost all of my symptoms were gone. I eat a ton of fresh fruits and vegetables.

You may have already tried some of these ideas, and they might not work for everyone, but they have helped me. Keep your chin up and surround yourself with supportive people!! Take care, Monica
An_252033 replied to MonicaLynn49's response:
Monica, Those are SUPER good suggestions! I wish I could follow all of them - Especially the diet and outside one! We live in ND where it is SERIOUSLY WINTER 8 mos out of year so I spend 8 mos of the yr feeling terrible bc I am greatly influenced by the cold - so much so that we are trying to move even tho we LOVE living here! but my condition is honestly influenced by cold weather and it gets DARNED COLD here! 40 below zero cold (not 40 below freezing which is 32 F but 40 below 0F)!! Any moisture exposed freezes - like tears or fluid in nose! Crazy I know but this is where my husb has a job now so we r STICKIN it out till next yr! Question: where do u get your protein? Nuts or tofu? Just wondering! I Soooo want to go into remission but not sure it's going 2 happen! Last yr was my first & only year in remission x 4-5 months! Thx! Angelina

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