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dozzi posted:
I get numbness on the side of my calf and arms and fingers on/off is that lupus related that I have? MS runs in my family too could that be a sign of that
1stLadyDi responded:
I don't know if that could be a sign of MS. Unfortunately, I have the problem that I experience numbness quite regularly in my hands. I have to try and find out what that's all about. My dosage of Gabapentin was upped almost a year ago.
dozzi replied to 1stLadyDi's response:
Yeh I was thinking MS. My doctor mention Gabapentin, but I don't want to take that isn't that med for seizures too. I'm going to make an appointment with the neurologist for the numbness soon. Do you have the problem of ringing in your ears its been going on for about a year now, last year I went to a ear doctor he said aspirin can cause it stopped that no change, going crazy with the noise have it 24/7
leecat41 responded:
I have numbness on both of my calves and now other parts of my body. Have been diagnosed with a couple different neuropathies. They had me on Gabapentin for a while but made me sick so now I'm on a higher dose of Lyrica. I don't have any ringing in my ears but do have a lot of fog and dizziness.
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lisatru62 replied to dozzi's response:
I had ringing in my ears for quite some time and finally started to get dizzy. I had an MRI and they found a vestibular scwannoma in my inner ear. It is benign and will have to monitored in case it grows. I'm hopeful that it remains small but it does cause ringing, dizziness and sometimes pain in my ear. The ringing is the most common problem I experience. I also have a feeling that there is water in my ear or that sensation when a cabin is pressurized in a plane before take off.


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