ssh49tn posted:
I had a tick on me yesterday, & it had just buried in, so hadn't been on me very long. But, with lupus, do I need to be majorly concerned? The sticker, or whatever it is, is still embedded, (I can feel it, if I touch that area.) I went online, & looked up info on tick bites, & it said to leave the sticker in, because pulling on it, could cause whatever the tick was carrying to spread into your system. I can't afford to run to the doctor every time something happens that I don't know what to do about, so thought maybe somebody else has had the same experience. I THINK it was a 'dog' tick, & not a deer tick, from the description I read online, so no danger of lyme disease, but with the lupus wasn't sure if it could cause a problem or not.
lupylisa44 responded:
I would definitely either call your doctor or go see him/her. I know several people that got Lyme Disease on top of lupus and it is not fun. Better safe than sorry!

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.