Out of breath
klacp posted:
When I walk a distance or carry stuff around I get out of breath. Is that part of Lupus??????
ssh49tn responded:
I don't know if it's part of lupus, but I have the same problem. Carrying in my groceries is a real chore. And, walking from the living room to the bathroom gets me out of breath. So, it very well COULD be because of lupus. Hopefully somebody on here will know for sure.
klacp replied to ssh49tn's response:
I've been to 2 doctor's and nothing is wrong, yet, nothing changes either. If I don't want to get out of breath I have to do nothing, which doesn't get anything done. Hopefully, someone will have more information. Glad I'm not the only one though. Thanks for letting me know you have that problem too.
MrsLupusHurts84 responded:
I too have the same problem I get out of breath and I also can't walk long distances because it causes me pain in my back and legs so your not alone, I know what your going through.
ssh49tn replied to klacp's response:
My doctor even put me on an inhaler, but it didn't help at all. I have the same problem about doing my housework. It's either don't do it, or be so worn out afterwards, I have to go to bed. I try to do just a little at a time, so it doesn't cause me so much problems. And, it IS nice to know that others have the same problem!