Just found Out
MARIAANN2013 posted:
Hello. I just found out 7 months ago that I have Lupus. I am still overwhelmed about it all. I leave My Rheumatologist 's office every time in tears. What I think is part of my Lupus he shoots it down and tells me he cant handle that another DR can. It Is not Lupus. I am slowly starting to understand what a flare up is and I have been getting more info about my Lupus from visits with my primary doctor and my neurologist. Iknow it is not severe, but my life has totally changed from it. I quit my full time job, because I felt like eventually I would be forced out because I CAN NOT get it together type days. My Name is Maria Ann and I am still learning about all this Loopy stuff. I am 45 years old. Now I weigh more than I have out of my 3 pregnancies etc, I stopped working out, I am just not me anymore.
lisatru62 responded:
Unfortunately your rheumy can't handle all the problems that will come up with lupus. If your kidneys are having problems you will have to see a nephrologist. Dermatologist for your rashes and optometrist for your eyes. Each doctor does have a specialty but you can run things by your rheumy.

Don't let it get to you it does sometimes get better with time and medication. Stress can cause a flare so while it is hard to stay calm, try your best.

Hope things work out.