swollen gums/burning sensation
leslie1966 posted:
I was diagnosed with Lupus in Feb 2013 so everything is still relatively new to me. I know that lupus can affect your mouth ie canker sores etc but I have had a spot on the roof of my mouth that feels like a burn. I woke up this morning and now my gums are also swollen. Could this be from the Lupus?
klacp responded:
Don't know if it is part of Lupus or not. But I was diagnosed in 2000 and I have had that problem from time to time. Seems to go away before I can complain to the doctor.
leslie1966 replied to klacp's response:
It only lasted a few days but it was a very uncomfortable few days! I have discovered Lupus is a surprise disease, every day I wake up and SURPRISE something new is wrong!!