doxyduo posted:
I found out I have Lupus about 5 years ago. I'm 50 years old. It seems that each flare I get is worse than the last one. I get about 7-8 flares a year and take steroids to control them. I am in a flare right now. I am having problems swallowing, and started choking the other day. I'm a little scared since I have (regurgitated) my food ever since I can remember. I went to the doctor, since my chest also hurts, my upper right shoulder hurts, and my whole back is killing me. I am scheduled for an endoscope on Monday. My Great Uncle died of esophageal cancer, so I'm trying not to worry. Could all this just be inflammation from lupus? Is Esophageal Cancer hereditary?
MichiRoxy57 responded:
I have problems swallowing, chocking a lot and very dry cough that scares me. My diagnostic is mixed connected tissues disorder/lupus just three months ago, everything is new to me, please let me. Know how it goes with your test, I'll be having one too (endo) ...
1stLadyDi replied to MichiRoxy57's response:
MichiRoxy57, I know how you feel as I am experiencing the same symptoms as you are & have been diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disease/lupus also. It is real frustrating going through this, especially since you never know when you're going to get a flare up.