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Could I have Lupus??
Sharna36 posted:
Hi everyone, I haven't been diagnosed with Lupus but for the past 5-6 years(really longer) I've had some debilitating symptoms and haven't yet found the relief or answers I desperately seek. I've been to numerous doctors and have been treated singularly for each of these disturbing symptoms i'm having. I have these strange skin sensitivities that I can't recall having to the extreme I have now. rashes, reddish colored really raw sensitive skin areas on my skin. Hair loss, heat sensitivities,dizziness, memory problems, chest pains,mood swings extreme fatigue with exertion, achy body that feels feverish with over exertion fluid imbalances and the list goes on. Does this sound like lupus?
lupycakes responded:

Sorry you are feeling so crappy! Lupus can cause some of the symptoms you are feeling. Have you asked your PCP to run a ANA test or have you been evaluated by a rheumatologist? You should talk with your primary care doctor and just ask him/her if lupus would be a possibility as they would know your condition best.

Hope you get some answers and relief!

Sharna36 replied to lupycakes's response:
Thanks for replying. How many doctors have I talked to..I've had some Doctors suggest some type of autoimmune disease but none brave enough to take me seriously. I did just change my primary doctor just yesterday. I will most definitely being talking to him about it. I feel like i'm going crazy. The fatigue nausea and achy body are the worst right now. Then to top it off my family/friends tell me to get over it and that seems as if that makes my symptoms worse. Praying for better days. Like right now my cycle is coming and I know i'm in for the worst part.The stiffness, swelling, and fatigue is paralyzing. So back to bed I go.

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