do any of you Lupus people have deformed and painful or discolored fingernails
bjjazzy posted:
I have painful nails, deformed nail beds, sometimes get splinter hemorrages under them, those come and go, they are vertically with a indented line run down them, and are like washboards. The cutilcles around them get sore, peal, or are painful. My toes are normal, but they are half pink and half white, meaning I can't see the moon on them anymore. I have raynauds phenomenon, but I don't know if it is kidney failure, something with the lungs( if I have any of that it is just pleurisy) I have gotten swelling of the lower legs off and on and a distended stomach with bloating...I am kind of scared I may have lung, liver, or kidney disease started...does anyone know what this would mean, and what I should do. my doctors ignore them every time I show them those.
lupylisa44 responded:
Hi bjjazzy

You might want to try going to a dermatologist, they are the specialty that deal with nails.

Here is a link that may be of help:

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
bjjazzy replied to lupylisa44's response:
thanks, it looks like I could have liver or renal failure according to matching my nails to the pictures, or Lupus. I was diagnosed for raynauds phenomenon . so that could be it to. I also have hypothyroidism. my doctors have been shown them several times but seem to not worry or do anything about them, yet I worry about them. I think I have some kind of failure of some system, because; every time I take some drug they hand me I end up in the ER. I can't seen to get and keep any drugs for me without something terrible happening. thanks bjjazzy.