I'm 16 and was diagnosed a few months ago and I'm terrified.
An_252883 posted:
I'm worried that this is all in my head, I went to the doctors to have a lump looked at then the next thing I know they're drawing blood, the results came back clean. I went weeks suffering. I was told it was nothing, finally I went back, they had lost most of my results, they got them and I was told I had lupus. My mother cried so much, I didn't know what to think of it. Until my face started breaking out, until I started bruising serverly, until I couldn't do cheerleading anymore. It ruined my life, how do I come to terms with that. Noone will talk to me about it, I'm starting to think its all in my head. I don't want any of this, I'm 16 why should I have to deal with this.
SafariMom responded:
If you need someone to vent to, and talk things out, you can email me at samfordmissions@gmail.com

I can relate to your world turning upside down.

NicoleMolina responded:
I am truly sorry for what yo are going through. I can relate to what is happening. I am 37 now, but when I was growing up I knew that I was sick since I was 8 yrs. old. I was actually bullied and teased a lot because of losing my hair and skin rashes. I can't tell you how I got through it but I did. I just knew that there was more out there for me to do and I refused to give up or let others get me down because they didn't understand. By the time I was in high school, my junior year, things got a little better for me. I was a cheerleader for a year, till a bus accident stopped put me in hospital. But my senior year I was determined to live and not let it get me. I talked to my mom a lot and my best friend, who happened to be the boy next door. They helped me the most. By the time I was 19 yrs old I found my husband and started a family. I thought I could never. After 17 yrs of marriage and two teen kids of my own, I am happy and I look to them everyday for support, laughter, a shoulder to cry on and lots of years to come. I know you hurt, but you need to surround yourself with the family and any friends who will support you for the long run. I know teens can be mean, but rise above it and live.