essAnne posted:
I will be starting on Imuran in a couple weeks, upon completion of 3 infusions of Cyclophosphomide. I am interested in any experiences y'all may've had with Imuran (the reviews on this medication have made me quite nervous)???
lupylisa44 responded:
I am sorry, but I have no information on Imuran since I have never taken it. I just wanted to let you know that your post was not being ignored.

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
remigi responded:
Hi! I have been on the generic for Imuran for 6 mos now and I haven't had any bad side effects. I noticed a decrease in appetite, but nothing else. And let me say that I am one of those individuals that gets side effects if there are some. I'm always that 1% that gets the weird rare side effects. I hope that makes you feel a little better. I'm also tiny- I'm 4'1" and about 110 so medications made for "average" sized people are usually too strong for me, but I am doing alright on this.

Good luck and fingers crossed!
essAnne replied to remigi's response:
Thank you for your reply! I get anxious starting meds new to me! This time a year ago I didn't even know what medication was!