memory loss
An_253921 posted:
I thought i was just going nuts but now i see other lupies are having the same issu. sometimes in the morning when i head out to work i go out the door and then have to come back in to check if i left my stove, iron or what ever on. as soon i come back out and get back in my car i can't remember if i did check it or not when i went back in the first time. i sometimes go in and out of my house2 or 3 times. i often forget what i am talking about while having a conversation and i forget words. i forget too many things and i just feel awful. i'm only 37 and i feel that i'm loosing my mind!
SheriValeSmith responded:
I experience the same issues and find memory loss/cognitive decline to be just as hard on me as the pain. My Mum had Lupus and died of renal failure (both sisters have Lupus as well). I had to drop my MBA and the three classes (this fall) necessary to complete by BA. I am currently diagnosed as Fibromyalgia, Connective tissue disorder, and Reynauds (2002, 11 years ago). and have all of the symptoms of Lupus since my stroke this past February (I am 52). I know it is frustrating, especially when talking to a doctor who acts pressed for time. I type out what I need to say regarding symptoms and oddities, and ask the medical staff to add this document to my file. I have a copy to give the Doctor to review with me. This way I don't forget. Give yourself real life cues (for in your car) when you leave the house - such as a written post-it note with the day and "Ready to go" Don't be hard on yourself - let people know about your illness and watch how compassionate they can be.
marshagal responded:

I completely understand what you are going through. I could be mid sentence and then suddenly not remember what i was about to say. Thee would be times when nothing could make my mouth form the words I was trying to say. It is extremely frustrating and scary. What ends up happening for me is that I develop anxiety and start crying because it is so hard to communicate. I've also noticed that it comes in waves. Some days are simply worst than others.