Re:my lupus story
terezin posted:
Reading your story ,my heart went out to you.And your feelings when peopele are more interested in "what in the world are you doing with two dogs?" or how do you get acces to a compuer?Myself being a child survivor of the Holocaust,struggling with health problems which become harder and harder to cope with.Finally I was diagnosed with SLE.What a relief!!!!!!For all these ,long years with suffering and aloneness........but now I have good doctors and healthcare.Living In Israel,most of the expenses are covered by the National Health Insurance.When all this said,there is still the aloneness,the ignorant people who don't understand what it means to have SLE.But my comfort and faithful companion,is my dog .I tell her everything,knowing she will never wag her tongue,she loves me for what I am,not for what I can do.In short,she is a lifesaver!!So don't let people get at you for your dogs!!!!We all need someone to hug!!!!!!