What is happening with my eye and eyelid?
cateyes9092 posted:
I've never had this before. In the last month, my left eye burns, itches and is very dry. Plus on my upper eyelid, it almost feels like I have 2 eye lashes poking into my eye. All this causes me to rub it for hours and hours all day and night. Plus when I wake up every morning, it's all crusty and stuck shut now with a rash on the top lid.. What could this be?? Please help.
lisatru62 responded:
It could be allergies but it could also be an infection. Is your eye red? An ingrown eye lash can cause irritation and even infection. You might want to see an eye doctor if it persists.

My husband gets eye infections frequently. His doctor suggested washing his face every morning and night with baby wash. The kind that doesn't irritate the eyes. He uses very warm water and holds a warm wash cloth to his eyes. This help to clear the teat ducts so they don't clog and get infected.

He does this now and is much better. It all started with allergies.

marshagal responded:
Eye infection is one guess. I suffered from them a lot, and treated them just like lisatru62 said. What I later found out though is that I had sjogren's and the dryness was making me have eye infections more often.