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rebekah78 posted:
Hello everyone. I have lupus, and fibromyalgia. I also believe I have carpal tunnel because I have all the symptoms. I have a full time job as a dialysis tech. My job is very stressful, and demanding. I'm thinking of applying for ssdi does anyone know if I would qualify? I'm 35 yrs old. Thanks
moniquecraig1 responded:
Hi Rebekah 78,

When you apply for SS Disability, you have to get all of your doctors to give you copies of all your medical reports, plus a detailed medical report that says you are permanently disabled, and are no longer able to work ( this includes part-time work).

After you do this, The SSDI Administration will deny your claim, and you have to appeal. The second time, after you appeal your claim, you will get denied again. At this point, you get a lawyer who specializes in SSDI claims. Once this is done, and you get "approved", you have to go to a hearing and meet with a judge to get final approval.

This process applies to all SSDI applicants, except in rare cases. I did go through the denial process twice, got a lawyer, but by the time my case and medical reports were submitted to the judge, he automatically approved my claim, saying that it was obvious that I was disabled, and that the SSDI Administration totally ignored all of my symptoms, and the detailed medical reports from all of my doctors (this included photos of the vasculitis,on my fingertips); Therefore, I did not have to go to a hearing.

Unfortunately, this entire process will take about two years. Before I even applied for SSDI, I started working part-time, and then was totally unable to work at all. So I had no income at all the entire time that I was waiting for my claim to be approved ( so I had no medical insurance at all). I was then forced to marry a man who was a friend of mine, but whom I did not love, just to be able to use his health insurance. (all of this was very stressful for me too, as I was forced to live 10 years in his house ( along with his new wife after we got divorced, and his mother who had Alzheimer's disease. At the same time, his new wife was pregnant!

Finally, two years ago, I was able to move into my own apartment that caters to disabled & elderly people ( as well as "normal" people who work; it is not a Section 8 apartment). It is a beautiful high-rise apartment here in Washington, D.C., and my mother pays my rent for me; after she dies, my brother will pay my rent.

So, to avoid the situation that I went through, try to stay as long as possible at your job (at least part-time), until your SSDI benefits are approved!

Monique Craig

(see my post from a couple of days ago).
roxylyles responded:
I'm 29 and I also have fibro and recently diagnosed with lupus. I applied once already and was denied. I work part-time. They told me that because I make more than $1000 a month, I did not qualify. It's been a year since than. I only applied with my fibromyalgia. Hmmm I wonder if I file now with my fibromyalgia, lupus and narcolepsy, will I get it. But it is a hard and long road. Get you a SSI disability lawyer to stomp on that a**. You know what I mean. Good luck hunny!

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