Feeling Great!!! Long time coming!!
candi619 posted:
So I've got good news to report for a change I've been on this Lupus drug study and I have felt the best I have felt in a few years!!! minimal to no pain some days and no more chronic fatigue I've been able to come off the prednisone and several other meds and only take Aleve occassionally for pain no more narcs.. I actually feel somewhat normal again.. Its been a long rough road but I'm feeling more hopefully each day and still smiling.. I'm praying for each and everyone on here for healing..

Happy New Year Lupie friends!!!
nancyj95 responded:
Sooo glad to hear of your success with this study! Wish you well and continued improvement with you health! Nancyj
roxylyles responded:
Awww I'm so happy for you. The positivity is a sign for me that my days will get easier. Good news. I love it. Happy for you hun.
mariajohnson responded:
Good to hear about your improvement. You are like a motivation to others now. Everybody suffering from this would be hopeful that they too would get better soon.