moniquecraig1 posted:
Hi Everybody, this is Monique Craig again!

I'm sorry I don't know everybody here at this discussion, but I've only found out about this website only about three weeks ago. If any of you have seen my post, it was the one about how my lupus resembles multiple sclerosis, because I have ALL of the symptoms : CNS Lupus;
PNS Lupus and ANS Lupus. My aunt had multiple sclerosis and she died when she was 45 (I'm 48). I'm told that mostly Caucasian people are the ones who mostly get this disease. I am African American, but I have a LOT of European ancestry (1/3). So I'm wondering if the genetic component of this disease could have trickled down for the period of about 400 yrs? ** ( I did a DNA test years ago, and in fact I did another one a couple of weeks ago (I haven't gotten the results back yet). Also, for the last person that just posted., I thought my type of lupus was extremely severe, but your case is totally heartbreaking. Bless you.