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moniquecraig1 posted:

Just read your message. I was diagnosed with SLE lupus about 13 yrs. ago. At the end of 2013, I suffered from a Major flare from Thanksgiving through the holidays, and up until today. I have't had this happen since I began treatment, which included prednisone ( I had a Major bad reaction to this drug, so my doctors switched me to Aziothyaprine, which treats my thrombocytopenia, anemia, and low white blood cell counts). I was also on Plaquinil. However, I desperately need something to get rid of the servers pain that I am currently in. My lupus greatly resembles Multiple Sclerosis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have all of the nervous symptoms: CNS : brain $ spinal cord; PNS : the peripheral nerves, and ANS : the automatic nervous system, which affects my heart & lungs. Right now, I'm not experiencing the plurisy, or the heart problems, but am having the nervous system symptoms & the Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms. I see me Rheumatologist this Friday. I am considered permanently disabled, and I haven't worked since the time I was diagnosed. I also have bipolar disorder. My " flare" has been caused by SEVERE stress, that I have been experiencing since March of 2013, until now. This included my pharmacy mixing up all of my meds, my first psychiatrist losing his license, and my new one, being "questioned" by me as to whether or not he was really an MD, even though it clearly says so on all of his prescriptions; MAJOR computer, mice, monitory & speaker problems ( I am a writer & an artist, and so my computer is absolutely vital for me; I went without one for about 2 months, & finally had to buy a new " tower" yesterday). And finally, a female crack addict set my apartment building on fire.

I wrote down all of this stuff in detail for both my Rheumatologist, my Hematologist, & my psychiatrist. I hope my doctors can give me something for the severe pain I am now experiencing!
secretagentmouse responded:
...My goodness! I think anyone would be depressed after that. o.o

My mom had a friend who had MS, and they thought she had Lupus until the symptoms got out of hand. So it is possible to get the two mixed. Have you seen a Pain Management doctor? They can help you out with pain.

I'm like you, severely allergic to prednisone and get to take medrol, i'm an artist, a writer, and if you ever need to ask about the computer...I'm here. ^.^

Take a deep breath. You'll be all right.
moniquecraig1 replied to secretagentmouse's response:
Hello secretgenthouse!

Thank you sooo much for your reply! I feel better already, getting support from another lupus sufferer and a fellow artist!

I just posted a new reply on the first discussion page (the most recent one), about my now having a diagnosis of kidney failure. I am "biracial" with an DNA report confirming that I am 62% African-American and 38% European. The diagnostic company that I used for this diagnosis is DIAGNOSEMECOM They are able to give an accurate report of your illnesses based on very accurate descriptions of your symptoms based on genetic racial makeup.

I have 5 different types of anemia, all of them very rare and are genetically inherited blood disorders. One of them is Pernicious Anemia, a rare blood disorder that is more common in people of Scandinavian descent (my grandmother had natural blond hair, but was an African-American woman who could "pass" as white during the Segregation Era in the US. I have another anemia that is more common in the Orient. How I got that one is beyond me, because there is no Native American or Oriental ancestry in my DNA genetic makeup.

At the time of this writing, I am extremely nauseous, and I vomited a lot about an hour ago. I have extreme edema in my abdomen, legs, and feet. These symptoms started around the same time that my other lupus "flare" symptoms started in 2013, but I didn't really notice them that much at the time. Now, however, the kidney failure is too obvious, and can't be ignored any longer.

But, I am confident that I will survive all of this! Again, thank you so much for your concern!


Monique Craig

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