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Looking for a little help
mrsthurber posted:
Hello everyone! I'm looking for a little input before I go to my doctor. I have an appointment in a few weeks. I've had a lot of strange symptoms that started about a year ago. They come and go and seem to get a little bit worse every time they come back. I have a rash on my hands. My fingers and the tops of my hands get red circles that have try spots on them. After about a week of the rash, I get joint pain. At first it was just my knees but now its my knees, wrists, shoulders, and hips. I feel exhausted, but that symptom doesn't come and go. There are good days and bad days but I haven't felt like I got a good night of sleep in almost a year. My eyes are almost always burning.

For a little background, I'm 23 years old. My mother has Crohn's Disease, which I'm not showing any symptoms for. Most of these symptoms started after I delivered my second child. The rash on my hands and arms started when I was around 6 months pregnant. I no longer get the rash on my arms, just my hands.

I'm just looking for information, I guess. I want to know if this sounds like lupus. I want to know whats going on with my body. I've always been healthy and lately I feel like a hypochondriac. I'm anxious all of the time now and I feel like my husband thinks I'm insane. I'm just looking for some input! I also wanted to see how lupus usually starts. How did you know you had it? Thank you all! I'm sorry if this seems silly, I'm usually not one to self diagnose, I'm just impatient waiting for my appointment! I appreciate any help any all!
atti_editor responded:
Hi mrsthurber,

While you wait for community members to chime in with personal experiences, you might find this lupus overview helpful. It has some of the most common problems and symptoms that people with lupus have. I wish you the best of luck at your appointment. Please let us know what you find out!

Best wishes,

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