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morecoffee posted:
I was diagnosed with Lupus two years ago, and while I have stabilized, I still have chronic pain, exhaustion, and arthritis symptoms. I am planning on attending grad school next year in Chicago, and I am worried that I will not be able to work and attend school. I currently have a part time job but I am unable to do any activity outside of the job (or move to full time) because of my Lupus. Does anyone know if I could qualify for disability if I am unable to hold a job and attend school, or does my ability to participate in school automatically disqualify me from any sort of aid?
lacella responded:
If your going part time to school you prolly can still qualify espiecally if you try to and have to drop out because of a flair up. There is NO cure that we know of yet to cure Lupus so it's not like your gonna ever 100% get better. You must let your lawer know this and explain. Everytime you are too sick to go to classes or go to work you need to write it down. the main thing right now is to record everything every doctor visit every time your sick. EVERYTHING. And people with lupus should have less stress or you will get a flair up so DON"T do it alone...there are lots of lawers that will do it probono or they will do what my friend had done where when she won she gave a percentage of her back pay when she wins. Just make sure you record everything even from the time you were first diagnosed...this will all build a case. and getting on disability is nothing to be ashamed of it was made for people who are sick like you and my friend who have trouble in the working world. I would still try to go to school tho don't have regrets even if you take 1 class a semester do it. you really can't put a price on education and when dealing with Lupus you don't know how long we have to live so do it now. live your life to the fullest

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