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    Strange happening.
    ssh49tn posted:
    A week ago tomorrow, I had gone to church, & about half way through the service started getting very dizzy, so bad that I had trouble walking when I went to the restroom. After the service, on my way home, I had an experience that I've never had happen to me. I blacked out, or something, for just a few seconds, & when I opened my eyes, was on the wrong side of the road. Before I made it home, (30 mile drive), it happened about 3 more times. I just wanted to see if anyone else had ever had that experience, if it's a lupus thing, or if it might be something else that I need to be really concerned about. I'm worried now about driving, in case it happens again. I didn't have a wreck, or run off the side of the road or anything, but it sure did freak me out. I just want to see if anybody has any opinions, or options.
    marcie1170 responded:
    yes!!!!! i have had that happen a couple of times,then sometimes would feel when it was going to come on,and would shake my head....i would have "brown outs" sometimes,after the initial black outs and feel a little pressure-not pain,just as if someone put their hand on the back of my head and i would start to feel a little hazy then shake my head and stop outs i have only had a handful-maybe 4 and don't feel it coming. all that has recently changed-after subsiding for some years and i am having other neurological issues. 1st off, i had an abnormal mri years ago and it showed inflammation with blood loss to my brain....that was it,but we didnt know i had lupus until a few yrs later,when they finally tested me.(this was in the mid 1980's) recently, i had an mri again and showed that i have a lesion. i have also almost no vit b12 in my body,so lack of oxygen to my brain and all organs. now, another to add that affects the brain,is i have been told they are almost positive that i also have Behcet's Syndrome-which can be secondary because of the Lupus. they have said that i am almost surely having mild seizures and the black outs/brown outs,were seizures and ones i am experiencing now,like a "zone out" and i dont recall much for a cpl secs-to a cpl mins,or i get a "flash" type,dropping feeling for a sec...that tripped me out because i never heard of that and i mentioned to the neuropsychologist my rheum sent me to and he said he doesnt mean to scare me,but thats exactly what a certain type of seizure is like. lastly, i also get other issues because all of ths,but thats the black out issue. (i also have cognitive,memory,behavioral issues) have you had an mri?
    ssh49tn replied to marcie1170's response:
    Yes, I had an MRI just a couple of years ago. And, they didn't find anything. What was so strange about this experience was that my eyes felt glued shut. I had to take my fingers & literally pry my eyes open. I know it couldn't have been very long, 'cause even though I was on the wrong side of the road, I was going straight. I just thank the good Lord that nothing was coming, & that I didn't veer off the road. It was very scary.
    marcie1170 replied to ssh49tn's response:
    you are very lucky you're ok....maybe have another mri,because they say sometimes things are missed,unless the doctor specializes in this area. also, inflammation that can cause seizures,etc,can come and go. good luck!
    ssh49tn replied to marcie1170's response:
    My dr that I'm using right now, said I need an EEG, but since they're very expensive, didn't order one. (I have no insurance.) In August, I will be placed on Medicare, & will have to change drs. The clinic that I use only takes uninsured patients. So I do have to find a different dr, & will be able to have tests, like the EEG, done. My income is low enough that I won't have co-pays. Oh, my dr thought it was some kind of seizure too. She said she didn't want to tell me to stop driving, but that basically was her hint. So, if I have to drive, I am being very careful. The only thing that worries me about driving is that I had no clue that something was going on, til afterwards.

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