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Brain freeze
clhutch posted:
A few weeks ago I had an episode where at first I was speaking but didn't know the words that were coming out, and after a few seconds I was aware of my words but it was like my mind was in REALLY slow motion. This passed after a minute or so and I seemed fine after that.
My mom has lupus and I am showing some signs of it but no diagnosis yet.

Anyone have an experience like mine where your brain seemed to take a leave of absence and you couldn't talk?
lacella responded:
Yes I do all the time. But I don't know if it's the lupus for me or not. I was just diagnosed for it last year. But I also have Non verbal disorder and Dyslexia and Depression...Soo my memory problems could be any of those really. the Mind can be a powerful tool when it works right but when it doesn't it can be very embarrassing and you want to with drawl from people because of it. Keep your chin up tho remember your not getting stupid you just communicate differently. Because you suffer from this, or atleast I see it this way, I am more sensitive to other people that have a disability or health issue. I knowtise things more quicker then other people. People may just brush people who are different as being a weirdo or stupid. But because I am the way I am I can sense people and see why it is they are the way they are. anywho I have another friend who suffers with Lupus and she gets foggy moments all the time sometimes she can't remember everyday common words like she'll say close the lights instead of turn off the lights. She forgets names of people she works with. She calls it her Lupus Fog.
clhutch replied to lacella's response:
Since I saw your reply I have seen a neurologist who told me he believes I am having silent migraines and this is what happened to me that day. I have other symptoms that point to this as well.
I understand migraines go along with lupus, unfortunately. I have no diagnosis yet but my blood work does show autoimmune irregularities. Hopefully my rheumatologist will determine what I have. And I hope I don't have another of these episodes!

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