hayleearausa posted:
Ok I'm 23 I have RA and Lupus I feel like I'm always tired n depressed I have seen doctors my lupus currently has effected my kidneys. I have anger issues and some times I just want to cry. I have 2 kids n I try so hard to be strong but I have a addiction to meth I stop some times. n i feel it make me want to get out of bed n have a life . I feel like my life is a circus I'm currently on plaqnile and predisson and anxiety meds n norcos. My life is a mess any advice on meds anything?

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lisatru62 responded:
First, please stop the meth. This will lead to nothing but disaster. Never mix illegal drugs with prescription medications. This combination came mask the effects of the prescription medications that are designed to improve your symptoms.

If you continue to take the plaquanil and prednisone as prescribed and you will feel better after a period of time. Give it sometime for the drugs to build up in your systems and start working.

It is not easy to let go of a drug addiction such as meth and it takes a lot of courage. You will feel extreme anxiety but hopefully over time you will kick this addiction and begin the road to recovery.

Good luck and prayers.