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lupusaddict posted:
Hello Everyone!

So heres a couple things about me:

I am Living with Lupus!

I am addicted to Methamphetamine!

I understand that Methamphetamine is a substance made out of household chemicals, and that tweakers are shady, and its nasty, and bad for you, and all that... I agree. My life was great in the beginning of my addiction. I met a great man (non-user), I was positive, I was able to clean, coook, and feel emotions like a non-user, or somebody who didnt have lupus.
However, That only lasted about 6 months until the overthinking came in, the sadness, the depression, the selfishness, and the hopelessness were all things that snuck up on me. Meth made me sad now, it used to pump my seratonin through the pleasure center in my brain.. Now its very rare that i am worry free and happy. Meth is a downward spiral. I am a severe addict, and i can honestly say, that although using is free will, i feel victimized by this stupid drug. I have made the choice... wednesday i go to rehab, and i am praying that God will allow me to quit so i can feel my lupus pain again. Atleast without drugs you can feel something, because on this stuff you dont feel anything.

I couldnt even tell you how i feel in regards to my lupus, because i have masked these feelings for so long.

I was diagnosed in 2006, I have SLE with CNS Components, and although at the moment i am not treating it, i was on steroids, and I gained about 70lbs... I since lost that weight but that was partially why i picked up the dope habit.

My opinion: I would rather have Lupus, than have this addiction, if I could choose which one id live with, I would pick Lupus. Addiction is another disease!

I am living with Lupus, and Addiction!!!!

Thank you!

E-mail me with your addiction/lupus comments, i am writing a blog which will be published next month and id love your story!!

With Lupus

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