Odd medical question:
lupycakes posted:
Hi everyone,

I have kind of a odd medical question about bruises. Has anyone out there had a problem with reoccurring bruises? I realize we all bump into things and forget about it and a bruise appears, but I have had a black bruise under my upper right arm - not a area that comes in contact with anything but my body. I will get it and over a few weeks it will fade away and then a month or more will pass with nothing and then it reappears in the EXACT same spot - it's been doing this for around 2 years or so.

I've racked my brain trying to figure out how I can hurt it in that exact spot so bad that I get a quarter/half dollar size black /dark purple bruise...just such a odd place...

Is this a weird lupus thing? I haven't mentioned it to any of my doctors because it's just a bruise but I do find it weird...

Anyone else have this?


lisatru62 responded:
Have to honestly say that I don't have that particular problem. I notice that I do bruise more easily as I get older and after the SLE diagnosis. Not reoccurring bruises though.

Sorry I can't be more help.

lupycakes replied to lisatru62's response:
Thanks Lisatru62 - I was just curious if anyone else had that problem. I must be hitting it and just not remembering is all I can figure.

salmon33 responded:
I bruise very easily, but I cannot be sure of the cause. I was diagnosed with heart disease and lupus in the same year. So is it the lupus, the medication or age? My bruises are also reoccurring and happen in odd places on my arms and torso. I will discuss it with my Dr. next month. If I learn anything I will let you know.