new to the group
cmcknigh posted:
I am new to the group. I have had lupus for 14 years. My rheumatologist just started me on Cellcept. How long does it take to show improvement?
nancyj95 responded:
Your doctor may start you at one dose, then increase it and decrease it after you get out of the flare. I have been on this for several years after a flare that lasted almost a year. Started at 500mg twice a day, then 1000 twice a day then 3000 in all for a few months before the flare went away. I am now back at 500x2 which is kind of a maintenance level. My doc says I will be on it forever since I have autoimmune hepatitis and latent TB which both take away most other options except my steroids which I have been on for 16 years. They have blessed me with steroid indued osteoporosis and several back fractures.You need to be patient and let the meds do their work. I know it is hard, but you will get through this!
cmcknigh replied to nancyj95's response:
Thanks for your response. I am now on multiple meds and have been in an active flare for 6 months,lung and brain involvement this time. I guess I am just anxious to get this under control again.Really did not like the idea of cellcept but after reading several reviews of this med helping ,decided to give it a try.