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Swollen Fingers with Itchy Rash
CrystalMyst posted:
Hello all Does anyone have swollen fingers with an itchy rash? I think the fingers are swollen because of the rash ... which has cracked the skin and clear fluid comes out. It's SO itchy I can't hardly stand it. Of course, I have topical prescription steroids for it ... but just wondering if anyone else has this?

On my hands and arms, I get circular red rashes ... for which I had a skin biopsy and it was "Perivascular Lymphocyte Infiltrate".

K2isKsquared responded:
I looked up the rash that you had biopsied. Here is a website that explains it

I have had a rash that sounds like this rash for almost 16 years. I know it's part of my Lupus, but I never knew exactly what it was called since it doesn't look like discoid lesions. I use a prescription cream to help control it (Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream USP 1%) and it helps, but even so the rashes seem to constantly reoccur in the same places. I only get tiny patches of it, so you have my sympathy as it sounds like you have a lot more of it on your hands and fingers than I do.

I also get it repeatedly on the end of my nose -- Very Attractive -- and I get it on my upper arms, my upper back, and my chest. It's little circles that scale, itch, and peel over and over and over. It's only on my fingers and knuckles that I get the cracking and leaking. Maybe it's only the bendable parts that do that?

Mine does itch, but not as badly as yours.

Take Care,

Donna1414143 responded:
HMM. Well my fingers are always swollen due to the Lupus but I also have Reynards as well (bad circulation so I get digital ulcers on my finger that ooze (attractive huh) if they burst but that doesn't really sound like what you have. Have you gotten to talk to your Dr about it, I don't know if maybe you would need a dermatologist. Sorry I couldn't be more of a help. My heart goes out to you, my fingers get swollen and its annoying an very painful but if itching was added into the mix I don't think I could take it. Good luck to you and hang in there
2pnuts4us responded:
My sister and I have the same finger rash!! I thought we were alone because I've never heard of anyone having anything like it. I don't even remember when I first noticed it but it's been at least 15 years. I remember a few years ago I had it so bad it covered my right palm. It hurt so bad. It was red, swollen and covered with little bubble like blister things. Then it started drying out and cracking. I hate this. I have a few spots right now but it isn't too bad. I just thought I had some weird skin think. I never thought it may be part of my AI issues. I'll bring it up to my rheumy in a few weeks.
lilliayne responded:
have the same thing and no one seems to know what causes it. i have been to my dr and to a dermatologist and all i have been prescribed are antibiotics and topicals. and you are so right! it itches so bad that i just want to rip my skin off!! i have not been diagnosed as of yet but am seeking an infectious disease doc,, any other suggestions as to who to seek?? many thanks..
hope0710 responded:
I have the same rash on my fingers and my doctor said it is from my hands being sweaty, which is why mine only appears when I ride my motorcycle with gloves on for extended periods of time.

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