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FuryanGoddess posted:
My left had seems to shake now.. I've never had this before. The more I try to hold it still, the more I shake? Could this be a side effect of meds? Pred and Plaq? It doesn't even have to be heavy, a piece of paper and it's like instant upon picking it up. I noticed it the other day when me and my daughter were reading and I was pointing to the words.
K2isKsquared responded:
I had some shaking during my worst flare. My hands shook and my head shook. I could be lying on my pillow and my head would just be shaking. My hands would shake especially if I was trying to hold something. I got to where I only drank out of small plastic cups (light weight) and I could only fill them 1/2 way with water. If the cup was full my shaking would slosh it everywhere. I also had one other weird thing -- my thumbs would jump. I described it Rheumy and he was like, yeeeeeeeeeeeah. But then my thumbs did it while he was in the room. That stumped him. Once I got going on my meds for lupus the shaking went away, along with many of my other symptoms. I believe it had to do with some kind of peripheral nerve involvement. I do have some peripheral nerve damage in one leg/foot, so I guess some of my other nerves were getting the once over from lupus at the same time. The best thing I found for the shakes is to lay the hand down on something -- chair arm, etc. It doesn't always stop it, but it does help. Now that my disease is fairly controlled I hardly ever shake, but sometimes my hands will still do it -- like when I have a full cup of coffee. good luck, K2
sghouse responded:
Good Morning, I shake so bad the Rhumey says it is a side affect of the pred. My whole body shakes like I am having tremors! When I am at work, I work with a lot of Seniors they make comments all the time that I shake like an old person :eek: I am taking 60mg of pred right now and I have noticed when I am in the hospital on 125mg it gets way worse. I do not have any advice on how to stop it or calm it down :confused I hope you find an answer but just know you are not alone :goofy: sghouse
HG1948 responded:
I had this in the past, but it hasn't happened during the past few years. HG
marilynk2 responded:
I have shaking in my hands as well but I have had problems with carpel tunnel and have had the surgery on both wrists. I have the nerve prob;ems done both arms and down my legs. My pain management PA wants me to get tested for mercury poisoning as there has been found a correlation between FM and mercury poisoning as well as a lot of nerve pain which = me! It is not covered by insurance but since he is involved in the research of this I have a pamphlet that I get some discount. I am going to get the testing done to see where my level is at and then go from there! Heck, what do I have to lose with all my nerve problems and the effects on my body...severe pain, shakes, cramps... Marilyn
Lupylisa44 responded:
Hi FuryanGoddess! I shake too! I attribute my shakiness to taking steroids (and being a little high strung). It seems like I shake all the time! So much so, that I dont even notice it anymore. I only notice it when someone else looks at me quizzically and asks why I am shaking so much. It was funny when that new $15 vibrating mascara came out. I laughed out loud because I already shake so much when trying to put mascara on I don't need a vibrating applicator! LOL! When I first started steroids (high doses) I was really shaky, but once my body got used to it, it wasn't quite as bad. Ask your doctor next time you see him/her. Lupylisa

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